Andy Strange

Born to musical royalty, Andy is no stranger to the sonic rhythms of life. As a child he was rigorously trained by multiple masters learning rudiments in both traditional and matched grip. His beats and patterns were unmatched by the time he was just 10 years old. This is when he decided to take his training to the next level. He longed to master the percussive patterns and forceful impacts of the universe. His mind was ready, but his body was still young. This is where things took an unexpected turn.

Your champion stepped away from the percussive arts in attempts to bring them closer. He needed to condition his body for the future by adding precision, force and style to his bag of tricks. He found this through professional sports. He was no mere spectator though; he was a professional at the top of his game. Within rigors of professional football, he found his unique style, his laser precision and unparalleled force. With these newfound skills he left the game at the height of his career. He found what he was looking for and now it was time to move on.

Andy Strange

His superior knowledge of the percussive arts opened many doors for our hero. This forced him to cycle through many groups with numerous iterations and failed projects. This wasn’t his fault though; others simply could not keep up. His training brought him to a level so superior that ordinary musicians simply could not comprehend. Because of this, your champion traveled the earth in search of the right combination. He needed individuals equal in skill and driven with the same passion. His search was long and seemed never ending but he finally found the ones. Now he’s ready to rise to the top.   


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