Conner Hicks

A child was born in the twisted wreckage. A once a huge machine of flight was now broken fiery pieces scattered across an open runway. Survivors ran from the 747 screaming and clutching open wounds in the freezing Indiana night. A lone woman clung to a child who was born from the violence of the crash, umbilical cord still attached. The new mother cried into the night for someone to help her and her new son. Help soon arrived as the two were surrounded by medical personnel and removed from the harsh elements. The mother and child escaped a terrible fate almost completely unharmed. Never has life and death existed so close, almost at the exact same point in space and time. The child was loved by anyone who saw him. There seemed to be a special glow surrounding him as if extra life force was stuffed inside his body and spilling from within.

Formal education was no challenge for this child of fate. Math, science and music almost seem to be built in features. He studied through his formative years with an intense passion and easily rose to every challenge. He found his true love within the melodies of life and quickly picked up a six-string which he never put down. He was an ace of the fretboard, moving frehley and effortlessly as he honed his skill. He found inspiration from masters Hendrix, Clapton and Page. With tactical precision and flawless execution Conner is now ready to shred for the masses and melt some faces.