Corey Ravns

The clouds parted and the skies opened revealing ominous patterns and orbs of light in the sky. An ear shattering roar was heard as lightning struck the earth. The forest blazed for three days leaving behind charred stumps and a barren landscape. At the center of what once was a grand forest lie a crater one mile wide still smoldering with intense heat. The valley was dead silent except for faint sounds of a rhythmic beat originating from the center of the enormous hole. The mysterious sound pierced the night yet baffled everyone around. What was the source and where did it come from?

Corey Ravns

One curious musician was drawn to the sound and could not resist the persistent call. She ventured into the unknown crater with inescapable curiosity. She could only see destruction in every direction as she traveled to the epicenter of the blast. This driving beat called to her, beckoning her closer and closer. When she reached the center, she could hear a faint whisper from underneath an immense pile of ash. With a single word she called out, “Hello”. The ash immediately started to churn and swirling in place revealing the still smoldering embers of her fate below. She gasped to catch her breath in the oxygen deprived environment and saw a figure claw through the ash. She moved closer and couldn’t believe her eyes. Five tiny fingers pushed through the soot, raised to the sky and made a tiny fist. She immediately collapsed from the immense angelic sound that now radiated from the epicenter, sounds like no other.

When the last decibel finally faded, she could now clearly see the source of her intrigue. A baby lies on the ash like a phoenix risen from flame not making a sound. She finally knew her destiny. It fell from the sky for everyone to see but was only for her. She scooped up the baby and was immediately overcome with the immense love that only a mother can possess. She knew her mission was now to raise this child and prepare him for the world that he would one day rule.  

Corey Ravns

The child’s formative years we’re spent studying the rhythms of life. His focus for repetition, pattern and rhythm was unrivaled by any of his peers. He seemed to have an innate sense of the unique syncopations of the universe. The child always challenged himself with new and interesting things. He quickly honed his skills of melody, harmony and texture. He truly had a grasp of the sonic universe even before leaving grade school. Idolized by his friends and adored by his fans, this kid was an indestructible hero from the start.

Your hero was born in the light but was slowly being pushed into the dark. The only way for him to truly understand the structure of the universe was for him to see its extreme binary nature. In this overwhelming black void, every sound becomes crystal clear but the path through the darkness is tragic. Your invincible hero was nearly destroyed by the cycles of his own amplitude and crushed by the timbre of the universe. Limbs were torn and muscles ripped away exposing the visceral reality of the world. For a very long time he was lost. He was lost but his life force was still lit.

The path out of the darkness was long and agonizing. Your hero’s leg was destroyed beyond repair and his hip was crushed under the tremendous weight of twisted steel. His only hope was robotic reconstruction and intense physical rehabilitation. After many years he was able to move again toward the light to find his balance within the universe. This journey cost a huge price but paid invaluable dividends to mankind. Rewards that could be obtained from no other source. Our paragon was complete.


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